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This is the home of hitpotential, foremost containing links to other sites where I'm present. For any interest shown in my work, I'm utterly hubmle and greatful! Maybe you are here because you want to learn more about who I am and what I do? If so I welcome you to look at my other pages on the web.

news & updates

Cal mar 12Three videos added to my YouTube-channel. These are my first attempts to shoot with a DSLR camera (5DmkII). All movies edited in iMovie. Music composed and arranged by me (except Spring in Rome, which contains an on site recording from a street musicians session.

Spring in Rome, shot in Rome in late February 2011, during a vacation in beautiful Italy.

Vinterbilder, images from my neighbourhood and its surroundings, trying out my new camera.

Nord Piano Teaser, shot with help from Milan Ovrlinic with a Canon 7D. The clip was later used on the nordkeyboards.com website.

Cal jul 14All three banks, plus additional drumkit, now added to the Nord Wave Trance Banks collection. Available at Nord website.

Cal nov 11New song added. Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, again made almost entirely with Wallander Instruments plus additional strings and piano.

Cal nov 09The first program bank for Nord Wave added and available for free download. Wave Trance Bank 1 contributed by my self for all the dance heads in the Nord Community.

Cal sep 14Tom Waits-song 'I hope that I don't fall in love with you' added to music/demos. This song was mainly created with Wallander Instruments WIVI2, with the additions of a string patch from my converted Akai S-5000 library.

Cal may 11Being a bit bored, I made a new west coast addition in audio/scetch pad. 'The Hills' is nothing but a few chords and a melody with strong influenses from the 80's :-D

Cal dec 23A new song called 'Underworld" is now found under the music section 'scetch pad'. It is an ambient track inspired by the underwater world of Indonesia.

Cal dec 22Pictures from my last trip to Indonesia can be found here. An amazing 20 day dive trip to Kri Eco Resort in Raja Ampat, Papua, and Kungkungan Bay Resort in Lembeh strait, north Sulawesi.

about me

I'm a swedish male, born in 1974, with a passion for music and media. I very much enjoy diving, wich I love to combine with photographing, traveling and exploring remote parts of the world. I use a Canon 400D (Rebel XTi) as well as a Canon 5DmkII, and for my underwater photography I used a Mike-Dive modified Olympus C5050Z with Sea&Sea YS-60/N and Inon Z-240 MkII. The UW-camera is now upgraded to a Canon EOS 350D in Ikelite housing.

That pretty much sums up the content of links you can find above. What is not said there, is that I also love to meet new people, I have a passion for interior design, wall climbing and living my life slightly closer to the edge :-)
I love to get the adrenaline going just as much as I love to slack in the couch a rainy Sunday afternoon. Add to that that I love food. - To cook, to eat and to read about it!


The link "photos" will forward you to my FLICKR-account, where you would find pictures taken by me, and carefully categorized in sets. Some of them also shown in the slideshow above.


"Music" will keep you at hitpotential and you will be able to browse thru some of my both finnished and unfinnished work. This could actually be considered as getting a sneak peak into my private musical scetch pad.


The "Blog" link will redirect you to my cooking blog. Yes... No rocket science there. Mainly about baking bread, but also a few things said about my favourite restaurants in and around the world where I've been this far.

portrait portfolio

My "Portrait portfolio" is a sample of my growing collection of portrait images. Photography has become one of my major hobbies these days and I rarely miss an opportunity to learn new things from taking pictures of other people.


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Last but not least, a few links to sites, people and things I like.

Enjoy your stay!


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